Only Mumbling…


The past and present merge into one descending spiral of ephemeral events eliminating the randomness of inspiring coincidence but then slowly and suddenly you may lose all control managing your insecurities overwhelmed by unconscious deliveries of the subliminal congregations in your soul you are told only by yourself you will live forever designating your own fortunes of reality discretely believing the benefactors of humanity will lead the way some place other than desolation a confrontation of punctuated equilibrium versus a smorgasbord of religious sanitariums delighted by fictitious alibis surprised each time you reveal yourself in the mirror nothing visual remains constant ever changing like your desires untamed by the restrictions of ignorance provided by limitations inflicted from the process of socialization beginning at birth terminating upon metamorphic enlightenment for those with thoughts of their own provide their own paradise unconventional though preferred by anyone who has tasted the taste of deviating from prepared destinations understanding the elevation of the clouds requires a little stubbornness and being proud of manufacturing your own animations of subconscious scenery without hesitation to believe what you choose to believe requires abilities which are unnecessarily perceived by external assumptuous beings unaware of the qualities required for confidential confidence which shall be concealed in the attempt to reveal the observers comprehension for the varieties provided by humanity excel the superficial qualities so many strive to achieve extract yourself from preconceived directories which eliminate the possibility of examining your own abilities so let us redirect the gravity restricting the imaginary facts of homo-sapien ecology and pretend for a moment that everything necessary is not being destroyed by the powers we all use to manipulate and employ to the deceit of obtaining senseless joy speaking only insincerely such incredible actors we’ve all been inspired to be on the verge of extinction from greed and over-population but who the hell cares it’s a selfish existence leaving us emotionally impaired unprepared for reconciliation enjoy every breath and accept your common sense life is a stochastic abbreviation.

-Daniel J. Rice

Oct. 05, 2005

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